Oct 14, 2009

Boston Tea Party

So we're getting around to the American Revolution now in my History class, and it's gotten me thinking.

Decades ago the American people got enraged and over taxation of things that the British had no right to tax.

What about today?
Our own government is trying to push through taxes on soda for crying out loud, and this doesn't seriously concern EVERYBODY?

They use some crappy excuse that it's because of America's obesity problem, but I call BULLSHIT!
Anyone ever played that game? Fun game. I usually win.
The way I see it, the proposed soda tax is just another sneaky, sly, snake-in-the-grass tactic of our government. They just want another excuse to tax us 'til we're damn broke.

When I was in High School I learned one of the basest rules of economics.

To stimulate a poor economy you lower the taxes! It is NOT the other way around! We are in a recession. There's no easy way to say it. The worst since the Great Depression. It's a fact. So why, I ask the great void, is our government trying to ADD MORE TAXES?

It's just downright absurd!


It seems ridiculous to me that I, a college freshman, can see this so plainly while our elected government officials (poorly elected as they may be) can not! It is their job to know this stuff!


Why do I even bother? Certainly no important government official is going to read my little ole' blog and suddenly get an epiphany from my lowly words of wisdom.

Meh... Just me ranting. Thoughts?


  1. Keep in mind that taxes is the government's weapon of choice. Ever wonder why we use a progressive income tax, rather than a flat income tax or fairer yet, a flat sales tax?

    Taxes = Control.

  2. The Boston Tea Party was because of taxation without representation. You ARE represented now. Don't like what's happening? Tell your congressman. Don't liek what he does? Vote against him.

  3. @Daften:
    Ugh. >.< If they would JUST put the flat tax to a vote I'd be all over that shit!

    @Raw: Oh, I understand that, but I can't help but feel like it seems (more and more) like we're not TRULY represented. I HAVE voted against the officials I dislike. Unfortunately the people voting the other way outnumber me.

  4. Oh yah, and @Daften:
    I know it's just burning you up that my banner is a Camaro... xD

  5. If the people voting the other way outnumber you, well, too bad, that's democracy. You still have representation.