Jun 16, 2011

The Daily Chick

Have you ever seen chickens looking downright offended that you even dare to EXIST? .... now you have.

Disdainful hen is disdainful.

Slightly less disdainful, if only because a bit of curiosity is mixed in.

Working on his Disdainful look! It's required learning for chickens.

Ain't he cute?! He said "UNHAND ME, WENCH!"

Looks a little less disdainful, and a little more murderous.

"How dare you interrupt me from staring at this corner!"

David with Rusty!

These are Candy! Isn't she pretty?

Finally, a pic of one of the Americano pullets. She's such a sweetie, though you can't tell from her DISDAINFUL look!

And now, have a couple videos!

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