Jun 14, 2010

Botcon approaches

So, the month of the big event is here.

I have made a slight change to my costume: I will be Sunstorm rather then Starscream, as I figured that if I was going to totally remake my costume I might as well do something original, yes?

Anywho, I'll be getting the 5-piece box set as well as WHATEVER exclusives I can get my hands on >:D

I'ma come home BROKE but with SO MANY TOYZ ZOMG <3

... *cough* ... Ok, fangirling moment passed.

I still need to find a home for my extra Streetstar figure. Spark, Clench, Sky-byte, and Breakdown = all claimed right away. Nobody likes the poor hooker-bot.
WHAT? LOOK at that name and TELL ME it is NOT a hooker name!

That's right! You can't! XP

Anywho... I'm super excited about the SG Ravage figure. I might just Reprolabel that into a Glit 8D

OH and the as-of-yet still rumored Beast Wars Megatron... looks hawt if it's for realz.

... I'm going to be SUCH a broke hobo of a college student...
Ah the sacrifices I make for my fandom... *dramatic stance*

... Yeah... that's about it.

I'm going to die when I see Peter Cullen... just sayin'...

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